Articles in Press

Articles in Press on  JTP.KW are articles that have been accepted for publication in  JTP.KW but may have not yet been assigned to specific issues (volume and number).  Articles in Press can also be the articles that have been assigned to specific issues but the issue has not been published yet. They are a great way to read about the latest developments in a certain research area before articles are officially published. More details about Articles in Press, see Articles in Press Policy.

There are three types of Articles in Press on  JTP.KW:

  1. Accepted manuscripts (AM) - Accepted manuscripts are articles that have been peer reviewed and accepted for publication by  JTP.KW’s Editorial Member, but have not yet been copyedited or formatted in  JTP.KW style.
  2. Uncorrected proofs (UP) - Uncorrected proofs have been copyedited and formatted, but are not finalized and may still be corrected by the authors, so the text could change before final publication.
  3. Corrected proofs (CP) - Corrected proofs contain authors' and proofreaders’ corrections and may or may not have a specific issue and page numbers assigned.


Please note that the DOI in the Article in Press is still not active until the issue is officially published.

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Febyarni Kimianti, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
Abstract viewed: 295
Ratna Farida, Amru Alba, Rudi Kurniawan, Zamzami Zainuddin
Abstract viewed: 213
Alin Hoerunnisa, Nunuk Suryani, Agus Efendi
Abstract viewed: 173
Ni Wayan Nursarita Prasistayanti, I Wayan Santyasa, I Wayan Sukra Warpala
Abstract viewed: 224
Anggraeni Dian Permatasari, Ence Oos Mukhamad Anwas
Abstract viewed: 180
Arris Maulana, Galih Tiara Sekartaji, Riyan Arthur, Laurika Kusuma Dewi
Abstract viewed: 169